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Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in Oregon

Divorce, Separation and Domestic Partnerships (click here for more information)

  • First things first--should I leave?
  • Oregon divorce - know your rights
  • Legal Separation
  • Dividing marital property & debts
  • Dividing retirement benefits
  • Domestic partnerships

Custody & Visitation (click here for more information)

  • Custody and visitation
  • Joint custody
  • Visitation enforcement and contempt
  • Relocation--its effect on child custody and visitation
  • Custody evaluations
  • Mediation resources
  • Modifying your custody or visitation order
  • Grandparent & psychological parent rights
  • Adoption & guardianship
  • Paternity & unmarried parents

Child & Spousal Support (click here for more information)

  • Determining child support
  • Determining spousal support
  • Enforcing and collecting support
  • Modifying your child or spousal support order

Abuse Prevention (click here for more information)

  • Domestic violence, restraining orders, and stalking orders
  • Resources and contacts

Choosing Your Family Law Attorney (click here for more information)

  • Choosing a family law attorney/representing yourself
  • About family law attorneys--Kramer & Associates
  • Collaborative law - Resolution without litigation

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