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I am so blessed to have had Erin and her amazing team on my side

I am so blessed to have had Erin and her amazing team on my side. I told her what to expect and it wasn't going to be easy. She agreed to my case and fought hard. Kept me hanging on when I felt at my ropes end. I got the truth out and we won the divorce. I'm so blessed.

Thanks Erin, Ericka, Gabby and Jamie for being with me and for believing in me.

--Cheryl G

Erin O'Riley is the best!!!!

Erin O'Riley is the best!!!! helped me along the way and we won 🏆 I appreciate everything you have done.

--Lee P

This firm truly cares!!

This firm truly cares!!

My niece, nephew and I lost my sister. Mark, Erika-Leigh, we couldn't of even of gotten visitations without them! I will be eternally grateful... I didn't know what to do. I was so lost... I am so grateful for this firm!!

--Nikki T

My Child is Now in My Family!

My Child is Now in My Family!

Erin O'Riley, OSB No.191804, is known to work with Mark Kramer, experienced trial and appellate practice; Erin has created her talent to perform when others have not, through study of case materials. With my case Erin used most of the material I gave her as exhibits, had her staff put together a portfolio that kept our hearing minimized to one day. Erin, speaks personality, with K & A staff, they work very well together, optimizing the creation of teamwork that made my case a winner with overwhelming evidence in my favor. When I was rejected by some of the most prominent Lawyer organizations for their doubt; Erin O'Riley stepped in and went out of her way, for many miles, affording my family defense to turn into an offense to recapture some costs and fees through a counter claim that prevailed into a positive judgement. As if Erin's reasonable fees were not enough, her instant talent on her feet in court has made her a life saver.


You ARE gifted in your field

Mark, you have made such a difference in my life. 6 years of stress and struggle are now off my shoulders.

There is fair and just closure to this chapter. I can continue to move forward with much more ease and freedom now.

You ARE gifted in your field.

Thank you for everything!

--Nina L

Excellence when you need it most

Mark did an excellent job for us. We are back in the loop with our beloved grandson. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and very well respected by the court system in this area and any other in family law. He listens, is compassionate, and works very hard to find a way through the muck into the light of a good outcome.

He was very available and made excellent contact with us and the other parties involved. He was very efficient and effective in the use of time. I would highly recommend his skill and abilities as a lawyer, in general, and especially in the area of family law.

Excellence when you need it most.


If the outcome really matters, Mark is your man

In summary, Mark Kramer guided me through a very contentious and extended divorce proceeding that left me remarkably intact and able to move forward with my life. Specifically, I brought to him the need to conclude a 40 year marriage with fairness and as little hurt as possible. Mark explained the direct and simple way forward. When this was rejected by my spouse, he explained options while letting me make the final determination as to how I wished to proceed, all the while clearly honoring my ethical values. In the courtroom he was outstanding! He was able instantly to quote the relevant passages of law, was firm but never bullying, and followed through with every detail. Outside the courtroom, he was always available by email, and in person when need be. I have repeatedly recommended him to others, as one who can be trusted to do handle a divorce with justice and with gentleness. If the outcome really matters, Mark is your man.

Mr. Kramer is an incredible attorney.


We always felt comfortable knowing we had Mr Kramer on our side

This attorney comes with high recommendations. Mr. Kramer has clearly taken the time to educate himself on all of the laws and during our case was able to identify what laws pertained to our case without having to look them up. Mark was very impressive with his knowledge and professionalism. Any time we needed to get in touch with Mark, he responded within the hour including emails late at night. We always felt comfortable knowing we had Mr Kramer on our side and we were thankful that he was not on the opposing side.

If you want an attorney who is extremely educated, professional, and who stands by his clients I would suggest you hire Mr. Kramer. We hope no other problems arise where we would need an attorney but if they do, we will be coming back.

Excellent Firm.


I would definitely recommend this firm to others

I had a very positive experience working with Mark Kramer and his associates. I never felt like I was in the dark as to how things were moving along. I never once questioned the integrity or honesty of the attorneys I worked with. I would definitely recommend this firm to others.

Great Attorney Does Great Work.


I would not hesitate to use him as my attorney again

Mark Kramer is an excellent attorney. He kept me well informed throughout my case, making it where I had absolutely no surprises. Mr. Kramer was also very quick to return E-mails and phone calls, and to answer any and all questions I may have had. Lastly, I believe Mr. Kramer is fair when it comes to his fees. He works hard and puts many long hours into making sure he is well prepared for court, and I would not hesitate to use him as my attorney again.


I would gladly refer family and friends to Mark

Mark and his staff did a great job handling my personal injury case. As a first time plaintiff, and hopefully last, Mark made what was a difficult time in my life, a bit less stressful. Mark kept in contact with me via numerous emails and phone calls, walked me through each stage as it progressed, and always answered my many questions with great detail, never sugar coating the situation and always giving me both sides of the coin, whether good or bad. Mark valued my opinion and was always open to my suggestions, right down to who we hired as our expert witness and mediator... I always felt in control of my case.

Mark always maintained transparency, copying me on all correspondence with opposing council and always consulting with me prior to making any decisions or responding to questions from opposing council. In addition, his entire staff was always professional, yet laid-back and down to earth, not stuffy and pretentious like some law firms. Overall, I was very impressed with Mark's professionalism and knowledge of the law as it related to my case. Needless to say after having learned a great deal about the legal system and the many laborious steps involved in a law suit, my case ended with a satisfactory settlement, in no small part due to Mark and his staff. I would gladly refer family and friends to Mark.


I recommend Mark Kramer without reservation

Mark is direct and efficient. At the same time, he is highly sensitive, seeking to resolve matters with the least personal trauma. He initially suggested mediation as a desirable way to proceed. When this approach was rejected and my case turned contentious, he was able to guide the proceedings to an equitable resolution without becoming entangled in the conflict. In other words, was extremely effective when things got messy, producing for me a good divorce outcome without slaughtering my then spouse. He knew the relevant law very well and cited it regularly in the court proceedings. He made himself available on short notice in a couple of crisis situations, and used email on a regular basis to keep me informed as the case unfolded. He seemed to work well with opposing attorneys. He has a gentle approach so long as this works. If things get difficult, he is firm and effective without being brutal.

While divorce can be filled with horror stories, I recommend Mark Kramer without reservation as the one to guide a person through the process.


Very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient

Mark Kramer is a God send. Not only is he very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, Mark is a very genuine person and lawyer who can be highly trusted. Mark Kramer and the staff at Kramer & Associates are always very responsive, and they go over and beyond what other lawyers and firms would. Believe me when I say that I have experienced other lawyers and have negatively learned my lesson. The attorney I retained to handle my divorce left a lot of errors in my case, things were not fairly, nor accurately resolved, yet $100,000 later I was still unsettled, facing a web of confusion, and a huge mess to unravel! As a result, I found my way to Mark Kramer and found that he had and has my best interest at heart. Most importantly, I went through financial devastation when dealing with other lawyers, previous to using Kramer & Associates, and can say that Mark Kramer & Associates do not nickel and dime you. Mark Kramer has surrounded me around his expertise, dedication, and network of peers who have helped me navigate through my web of mess. My experience with Mark Kramer goes over many years now, and as long as I have matters arise that call for an attorney's assistance, I will always only use Mark Kramer with Kramer & Associates. His guidance and advice is straight forward, thorough, and effective. When my friends and family are seeking a lawyer, Mark Kramer with Kramer & Associates is the only name that comes to mind, and the only name I will ever refer!!

--Sandy K.

Genuinely fighting for the "underdog"

After being there for a friend who was experiencing a very sensitive, and, negatively life altering case dealing with personal injury and civil rights, as a means of support to my friend, I desperately researched and contacted a list of lawyers who either came recommended or claimed, through their website, that they could help in similar cases such as what my friend was going through. Timing had it that I was left embarking upon this task of finding a lawyer over a weekend, which meant that offices would be closed. However, I left voice messages and emails to the list of attorneys, with the hope and expectation that at least a few of them would follow up by the start of the new week. Mark Kramer came highly recommended and was amongst the list of attorneys that I called or emailed that weekend. To no surprise of the person who referred Mark Kramer of Kramer & Associates, Mark Kramer not only replied to my email over that weekend but, I believe his reply was received on a Sunday, he was the only attorney to reply period. He was so matter of fact, to the point, professional, and comforting all at the same time that I was very hopeful, and confident, that my friend would certainly be in great hands. Mark Kramer's email included his office administrator and instructed my friend and me to contact his administrator first thing that Monday to set up a consultation. By Monday morning, we were already being scheduled to come in the very next day for a consultation with Mark Kramer. Long story short, a few months later my friends' case was successfully resolved. While my friend didn't have the necessary means to retain a lawyer of the caliber of Mark Kramer, we all pulled together to come up with the means to support our friend in this case. As such, Kramer & Associates worked with us, did not make a difference in service, dedication, or compromise on making us feel welcome. Mark Kramer was very assertive with getting on this case immediately, highly responsive, very sharp, thorough, and demonstrates a strong passion for genuinely fighting for the "underdog". He is a people's person, and true to the cause, and, though, he and his firm obviously require a retainer fee, it feels more like an afterthought for them. Other firms seem to be all about the money primarily and the representation of the person is secondary, but not Kramer & Associates. They are truly here to help people get the best results for their case. If it weren't for Mark Kramer responding to my email that weekend and helping my friend by taking on his case, while producing a successful outcome, honestly, due to the magnitude and potential ramification of this situation if it had gone unsettled, I don't think my friend would be with us today. Because of Mark Kramer, my friend has now been able to move forward with his life, continue with the healing process, and get his life back!! There are no words to express the gratitude that we have for Mark Kramer of Kramer & Associates. Just know that we will always be indebted to you and your firm, and will always refer others to you!!

--Tanisha J.

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